Health Matters – December 2019 A regular update from Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre

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Christmas is coming. Is that really the price of a second-class stamp? 61p! If we send just one letter to each patient, it costs nearly £5,500 just for the stamps, which would fund an extra practice nurse for one day throughout the whole year. Makes you think.

If you have an email address, please contact the Centre at with ‘consent to use email’ in the title and your name and date of birth in the email. Or simply phone Reception on 01603 782155.

Christmas Opening Times

Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre is closed for Christmas and Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. If you are unwell, please refer to our new website. It offers lots of good advice. If you are worried for yourself or others then do call the NHS 111 service.+
+Emergency 999.

Your Dispensary – Use it or Lose It

The dispensary is an integral part of our surgery, providing our rural patients with a unique one-stop service that is economical to the NHS as a whole, as well as supporting the service provision we can provide to all our patients. We offer a delivery service and automatic repeat issue service, and pride ourselves on the highly trained staff available to help you understand your medicines, explain supply shortages and review your prescriptions.

When the Dispensary has previously been threatened by regulation changes we have been delighted by the support we have received from our patients, and remain hugely grateful for your ongoing support and use of this service.

As the phrase goes – if you are pleased with what we do then tell others, if you are not then tell us so that we may continue to strive to improve it.

Discover Yourself

We are ‘Research Active’ and have just launched an exciting new project called Discover Me. This is a nationwide research study that will analyse health and genetic information on thousands of people. The research aims to improve our understanding of many different diseases, and to find ways to help GP practices improve patient care.

The project involves our nursing team taking a your consent and a simple swab from the mouth. An additional benefit is that once your information has been collected and your sample has been analysed, you will be able to see your ancestry results (for example, what populations your ancestors belonged to) and some information from your health and care records (for example, your vaccination records or measures such as blood pressure over time) in a secure online participant portal. When enrolling, you can choose whether or not you would like to receive this information. Further information can be found at To enrol contact Reception or email us!

Your child can help train a doctor!

In January and February our 4th year UEA medical students spend every Monday with us, learning about child health. Critical to their successful training is seeing, playing with, examining and talking to as many children as possible – even those fortunate enough to have never had anything wrong with them! If you and your child (of any age) could spare 30 to 60 minutes on a Monday afternoon we’d be delighted to hear from you – you would be playing a vital role in developing doctors for the future of the NHS.

Have a view?

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is an active group of volunteers who work with the Practice to enhance the patient experience at the Medical Centre and to improve communication between the Practice and its patients/carers. Please contact the PPG (via Reception) if you have suggestions. Or feedback directly to your Practice manager on, marking your email ‘Feedback’.