Your Rights and Responsibilities

Routine access to a doctor of your choice and the availability of specialist health care at Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Practice is good, but we cannot hope to give all patients the appointment of their choice all the time.

If you require an urgent appointment, we cannot always arrange for you to see a doctor of your choice. All doctors have to respond to emergencies from time to time; so, occasionally, your consultation may be delayed. In such cases, all patients will get the best from our service if they are understanding and thoughtful of the needs of other patients.

Your Responsibilities

We would like you to treat doctors and practice staff with the same level of respect that you expect from them.

The doctors require the receptionists to gather information, please answer them as fully and clearly as possible.

If you cannot keep an appointment please cancel it in good time.

If you change your address and telephone number don’t forget to let us know.

We look forward to enjoying a good working relationship with all of our patients and are committed to achieving this, we would like you to feel the same.